Towards the end of April my wife and our four legged kids Dusty and Katie hit the road for a weekend get away. We traveled past a number of places on our way out toPossumKingdomLake. We did not have a final destination in mind; we just left it up to chance.


After driving and playing tourist all day we finally ended up on the far southwest side of the lake. There are a number of little lakeside hotels and one in particular caught our eye, “Bass Hollow” It had a gas station and was just beautiful. Only problem was there seemed to be no one there. We almost thought it was closed down but how could it be with how well maintained it was.


So we whipped in to the gas station and sure enough they were open and had a lake front room we could have. They were also pet friendly which is a must if you knew us at all.


So once we unpacked and got settled we went for a stroll and just relaxed. This place is a little slice of heaven. It is tucked away in a calm cove with great lake shore. I know I wanted to get up early the next morning but the weather called for possible showers.


Well the showers rolled through about4 amand left just as the sun was rising.  I got set up and began working different angles and exposures. Finally the timing was right, the water like glass, the morning storm filled the sky and the result was “Bass Hollow”.


For the next piece we traveled toCaddoLakein eastTexas. This lake lies on the border ofLouisianaandTexasand is a site to see. It was the beginning of June and we took my mother and step father along with us on another weekend excursion.


This place is magical and a weekend trip is not even close to enough time to see it all. I had shot quite a few things in the area but still wanted something special and different. So I set my alarm and got on the road before the sun came up. I bounced along the rivers edge that leads into the main part of the lake. I finally found a nice open area just as the sun broke the horizon on the eastern shores.


I had to wait for the right timing and then I had a 15 minute window of the most amazing light.  Working on long exposure times is so frustrating with only a small window to get the various shots I had in mind.  But my patience paid off and “Cypress Dawn” is just one of those special moments I captured.

For more information and pricing on these pieces click the links below.




During June and July I exhibited “The Barron’s Barn” and “Untamed” in downtown Dallas. Both of these pieces came about by chance during one of our weekend excursions.

 A lady who works in the building where I exhibit my artwork has a fondness for red barns and challenged me to find a unique red barn. So, over the past several months I have been on the look out for a unique and beautiful red barn.  “Though there are many barns throughout the state of Texas and many of them are red, I wanted something unique and different.  Heading up towards Lake Texoma I finally saw a barn that caught my eye.  It was red with black trim and set in a beautiful field with dark ominous clouds lurking in the distance and thus, “The Baron’s Barn” came about.   Yes, “The Baron’s Barn” is in reference to the infamous Red Baron and his red and black colors on his plane.

 “Untamed” was almost never captured. My wife, Pam, has the duty of playing navigator during our trips and I challenge her to come up with unique routes towards our destination. Well, one such route turned off a perfectly good road onto a not so certain dirt road heading into the back woods of nowhere. She got cold feet and wanted me to turn around but I said no, we are going for it. We headed down this dirt road about a mile or so and it came to a crossroad where I turned left. The trees began to close in on the road as it crested over a hill. I stopped to take a picture of the road and turned to my right and there was this old rustic barn and a beautiful white horse glaring at me. I quickly turned the camera to capture the picture and thus “Untamed” was created.

 For more information and pricing on these pieces click the links below.








Rebecca’s Keep Sake

Rebecca is a close family friend and in May she came to me with a special project. In June she would be leaving the country for a month and a half to Italy and wanted to bring along pictures of her and her boyfriend Daniel while she was there.

Time was short so we had to get the shoot done quickly. So we set a date and met at a park close to Turtle Creek. We had talked about the kind of shots she wanted and they were all more about capturing them being themselves as a couple.

So with time being short we were going to have to do an evening shoot. We met at around 8:30 and finished around midnight. It was quite warm but it turned out to be a great shoot. I took them to various locations in downtown Dallas grabbing some special moments between them. One of the pieces I kept for my exhibit and displayed it the later half of May.

So I had to do a rush job on getting her favorites edited and printed. We settled on around 25 of her favorites and I had a 5×5 spiral book printed up that worked out perfect for her trip.

Below are a few of my favorite images from the shoot.




Rosario’s Magnum Opus

In April I was commissioned by Rosario Castillo to create a custom photo album with pictures of her daughter Patricia and grandson Nicolas which I had taken last year in Houston. The album turned out beautiful but Rosario was still missing something for her wall. She had ordered a variety of 5x7s and 8x10s and was working on some kind of collage for her wall. I said that I could create a one of a kind work of art utilizing her favorite pictures from the shoot. So I began work and came up with the piece you see below. She ordered it in a stretched gallery wrapped canvas and it turned out amazing.

I am always looking for new and creative ways to present my work and having great clients like Rosario makes it all that much better.


For the months of March and April I had two wonderful pieces on display at Lincoln Plaza in downtown Dallas.

The first piece called “Silent Winds” is a shot I took while touring various back roads close to Wichita Falls. The wind mill was lying dormant as if it was awaiting the winds to return and awaken it before the rust and decay took it over. The colorful fields and blue sky completed the picture as small trace of clouds lingered in the distance. I framed it in a Honey Oak wooden frame which matches the orange colors of the wind mill.

“Aureate Beauty” is the next piece. I took this shot at the Botanical Gardens in Ft. Worth. The trees were just in the beginning to bloom and the light was just right. The depth of the piece is what I love most about this piece. There are layers up on layers of branches and it framed in a floating Prestige Gold frame which turned out gorgeous. This is by far one of my favorite pieces to date.

For more information and pricing on these pieces click the links below.



I have been on the road doing a lot of work the past few weeks so I will share some more pictures and stories soon.


I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the New Year! I have a couple of new pieces of my art work on exhibit in downtown Dallas at Lincoln Plaza. They are a step up from my previous pieces and now include beautiful frames and mats.

The addition of frames required me to invest in some beautiful wooden easels that would handle the weight of the artwork while adding to the professional look and feel of them on exhibit. If you are downtown Dallas, please take a few minutes to stop by and view them.

Here are links to the two new pieces on exhibit.





Exhibit Wrap Up…

Thursday marked the end of my art exhibit. It was a great success and I am still a bit over whelmed by the great response I received. All parties involved from me, to the property management team, to the tenants all seemed to benefit from the event, which went above and beyond our best expectations. I was able to make some new clients and sell 8 out of my 16 pieces with a few people still on the fence, so maybe more.

I would like to congratulate Mr. Hooper for being winner of the drawing for the “Radiant Arts” piece I gave away. I also donated the “Texas Blizzard” piece to the property management team as a thank you for all of the help they gave me. It should look nice in their office.

I would also like to thank everyone that took the time to come visit the exhibit. It truly means the world to me.

Because the exhibit was such a success, I have worked out a deal with the building to exhibit two pieces on a continuous basis. The pieces will be in the main lobby and I will rotate them out monthly. This will change up the scenery for the tenants and allow my new art pieces to be seen. I am very excited about this and it is a great opportunity to further expose my art work to the public.

Here are links to the two new pieces on exhibit this month.



Well I guess that is it for now and it is time for me to head back to the grind stone. I will keep you all apprised of when my next exhibit is, hopefully it will be real soon!


Here some pictures from the exhibit for those of you who did not get a chance to see it.


Well we are two weeks into the exhibit and a day from Thanksgiving. All I can say is that I have a lot to be thankful for. The support of my wife, family, friends and clients has been a bit overwhelming during this event and the months leading up to it. Words cannot express my gratefulness to each and every one of you.

The response to my artwork has been quite surreal and very rewarding. Leading up to the exhibit I ran the gauntlet of doubts and uncertainty about the pieces I chose and whether anyone would like them. Those concerns have been extinguished with the comments I have received and by the sale of 3 pieces so far. I would like to thank those clients (names withheld due to some pieces being secret Christmas gifts) for their purchases of my artwork, I am truly honored that you loved my work enough to own it.

This past weekend I moved a couple of pieces around to make room for the building’s Christmas stuff and to change things up. Lighting in the building has been a challenge so I finally got my centerpiece in a great spot so its true colors can shine.

I hope all of you have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!


I just wanted to give everyone an update on how my art exhibit is going after its first week.

I have nothing but good news to report. The building management couldn’t be more pleased with the responses they have received from their tenants and I have picked up a number of new clients along with selling a few pieces.

If you have not had a chance to make it out, I really hope you can and I will be back next week with another update.


As the fall leaves change colors and the winds turn to the North, it usually means it is time for the annual Sanford family holiday shoot and one of my favorite events.

The Sanford family and I are close friends and this year Elaine, the family matriarch, allowed me to take the family outside of our normal studio setting to a location of my choice. Since there are nine of them, finding a location can be challenging. Fortunately, downtown Irving has a wonderful, little historical district that made for the perfect setting.

We began with everyone on a dock of an old railroad house and then moved to a log cabin close by. The log cabin allowed me to split everybody up into couples and made for some excellent shots.

After the main family pictures were done, Elaine wanted some individual shots of the kids and we took full advantage of the railroad car and other beautiful scenary in the area.

Here are a few examples from that day:


Another package I developed was a high school sweetheart package. This package is intended for those young at heart and in love.  We all had our childhood sweethearts and it would be nice to have professional pictures to always remember those good times. So this package is where I will meet a young couple with their parents and take pictures of them together and individually in a variety of locations with a couple of wardrobe changes if desired.  The first couple to take advantage of this package was Nate and Nicole.

In Mid-October I met with them along with Nate’s mother in downtown Dallas and we headed to a park in uptown. 

The forecast called for rain and overcast. Overcast days are some of my favorite days to shoot on thanks to the wonderful lighting they provide, but rain can quickly make for an unpleasant and bad hair day. Fortunately the rain held off and we were able to get some fantaastic shots in. Nate and Nicole had a blast and made for one of the cuter couples I’ve ever shot.

Here are a few examples from that day:




In late October, we got together for the third trimester.  For this session we went indoors at their home for a more personal, intimate session.  To achieve this we utilized a black backdrop and studio lights.  The 7th month typically allows the mother to maintain her energy level throughout the shoot while providing adequate “baby in the belly” effect. 

Here are a few samples from that session:


Over the summer I created a variety of photo session packages. One of which is the maternity and new born package.  This package includes pre or early term pictures, third trimester pictures (typically at 7 months), and first week newborn pictures. 

The first couple to take advantage of this package is Chris and Melanie.   We headed out to some locations in the Cedar Hill area and out by Joe Pool Lake to get the pre or early term shots of the couple. These two are quite the characters. It was easy to record their fun-loving nature with a variety of scenery.

Here are a few examples from their session:


Hi everyone, I have some exciting news! Starting Monday, November 7 through Wednesday, December 7, a number of my pieces will be on display throughout the first and second floor lobbies of the Lincoln Plaza building in downtown Dallas.
On December 8th the building will be holding its annual tenant Christmas party. We are going to hold a drawing at the party and I’m donating one of the pieces on display to award to the winner.

This project has been in the works for some time and I have put a lot of work in to it. It will be great exposure for my artwork and help develop new opportunities for future clients.

 If you get a chance to make it downtown to view the art display, make sure you take a quick elevator ride to the 35th floor so you can also see the artwork I created for the law firm, Fisher & Phillips LLP located in Suite 3550.

I am happy to provide a guided tour.  Feel free to contact me and we can schedule a time to meet. The hours Lincoln Plaza is open to the public are:

Monday – Friday: 8am to 6pm
Saturday – Sunday: Closed*

 *If you can only make it out on a Saturday or Sunday please contact me and I can schedule a private tour for you.

Located at: 500 North Akard Street | Dallas , TX 75201



How Time Flies…

Well I am going to attempt to make some updates on the things that have gone on since my last blog entry at the first of the year…

 First off I hope everyone is doing well and having a great year. The summer heat was unreal and totally threw many things I had planned off track. But that is over now so let me recap the past year.

 Back in October of last year I was commissioned by a law firm in downtown Dallas to create the art work for their new office space. I did a lot of traveling capturing a full range of photography both inside and outside the city which produced some of my best work to date.

 To accomplish this I spent a number of days shooting areas surrounding the LBJ Grasslands State Park. The countryside around the park consists of rolling hills, lush forest and golden prairies. The land has an open vast feel to it with a number of small ponds and lakes that provide nutriment to the diverse wild life.

 Next I worked inside the city of Dallas to capture a unique perspective of the city few have ever seen. To achieve this I would shoot late at night after the city went to sleep until the sun broke over the distant horizon.

 Other pieces included in the office show the majestic strength of the city through its historical architecture.

 The project was completed in April of 2011.

 Here are some pictures of the displayed art work.

After that project I continued working on new nature and landscape photography which will be for sale online in my Fine Art section.

 That is all for this thread, more updates coming soon…


2011 is finally here…

 Well I hope everyone had a safe and happy holidays and wonderful new year! I was crazy busy but we managed to take some time off and see the family. Katie, Dusty and Tiny got loads of toys and junk food (bones out the wazoo). They also got a chance to spend the night at Grandmothers house and which they loved!

 As for business it was a good year and I got the pleasure of working with some amazing people. I have a lot of ideas and projects scheduled for 2011 which promises to be a boomer year!

I wish you all the best this year and remember to take some time and enjoy the things you all work so hard for!



 Hi everyone,

I had a great time during October and the first of November coaching little league baseball. The boys kicked butt and were undefeated! I also got a chance to take some amazing pictures of them in action and put together a custom framed poster for them. I look forward working with them again when spring rolls around.

On a personal note I turned another year older in October and got to spend it with my wonderful wife and a couple of really good friends. Add to that some great food and an excellent bottle of red wine and you have a perfect birthday.

Wish the Rangers could have done better but hey they finally beat the Yankees so it was all good and there is always next year!

Well with the Holidays here things are moving ahead full steam with ton of projects that need to be finished before deadlines hit. That does not mean I do not have room for new projects but you need to contact me ASAP to make sure we can get any photo sessions completed or cards made before Christmas is here.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Be Safe!



Fall Sports and Fun!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all are enjoying the wonderful fall weather!

I have been busy with a lot of new and exciting photography. A few months ago we had some new neighbors move in next door and they have three wonderful kids. They are all very active in sports and I offered to shoot some of their games. Well one thing led to another and I started assistant coaching for one of their kid’s baseball teams.

Besides being a blast, it has opened up the opportunity to get some amazing inside-the-lines photographs of the kids practicing and playing their games. Baseball has always been my favorite sport and I am so glad I can help out with the kids and hopefully help them get better at the game.

I have also been working with my son and his desire to do modeling.  This has allowed us to spend some great time together, usually late at night in downtown Dallas or in other cool but creepy places shooting killer shots. It has been a bit of an adrenaline rush at times and a lot of fun! Hopefully he can get signed, become rich and I can retire early… My secret plan all along! Ha-Ha

Well that is about it for now. Don’t forget to get those holiday pictures done early before it is too late.

 Take Care Everyone,



Juggling all the hats I do with my two companies makes it hard for me to remember to update what is happening with Cubed Creations, my main company for the past 13 years.

For those that do not know, Cubed Creations is a multimedia creation company that handles all forms of multi-media from audio / video production to website and graphic design, plus corporate and legal photography required for those elements.

This year, I have produced a number of legal video depositions plus I have done a few side projects including Video Transcript Synchronization, DVD creation and copies, and audio recording, editing and transfer.

I was even brought in as a consultant to assist one law firm with developing and creating their trial exhibits and multimedia. This included strategizing how to best utilize the video depositions, how to best explain the evidence to the jury through PowerPoint presentations and other tools needed in trial.  It was quite an experience and in the end we were successful.

As for the website and graphic side of things it has been very busy. One of my previous clients, The Crown Brewing Company in Crown Point, Indiana, contacted me at the beginning of the year to help revamp their website.  I was the original builder of the website until the new manager entered the picture a few months after they first opened and wanted to take on the website.

So in the past couple of years the brewery has gone through some changes and now has a new and awesome manager. He has really taken the reins and steered the microbrewery down a new and exciting path. His new vision included improving the website and improving the corporate image and branding, so they gave me a call to see if I would assist them by taking over their graphic and website design and development needs again. Well I did and it has been wonderful for both of us.

I began by redesigning the website and creating some consistency through the product line. It is one of the more fun projects I have worked on this year and things look great. If you get a chance stop by the site and let me know what you think. Here is a link www.crownbrewing.com.  A few of the key features include the updatable pub inspired chalkboard, cork board and new beers page where you can see the complete beer label designs I created for them.

Next, Speedtek Performance, another long time client, needed some updates on their website and a few new areas redeveloped. So I created a few new components that should keep clients visiting their website interested and informed about car racing parts.

What Keith the owner needed was a way to update clients with projects they had worked on and completed. So he had a fair number of pictures and I created some slideshows from them. These cover different car installations they have done and I am making slideshows of the staffs’ cars.

It looks great and makes for some great reading if you are a gearhead and like cars or hotrods. You can see the changes here www.speedtek.net. Look under the Staff Page and News page for the slideshows. Be sure to let me know what you think.

Well that just about does it for now. As always feel free to post up any comments or keep shooting me those emails. I love to hear from you guys and let me know if there is anything you need.



Season of Change…

For some reason August seemed particularly long and extra hot this year so when I was out running some errands the other day I saw the light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a school zone’s flashing light.

As much as I hate school zones it does signify to me that my favorite time of year has finally returned.  Being a native Texan there is one event that you always look forward to each autumn, the first northern cold front.

A small chill tingles up your arm; over your shoulder and down your spine as the winds of change slowly build with intensity forcing their way through the trees pushed by the ominous clouds of the north filling the air with the refreshing smells of fall.

There are so many things I love about this time of the year, football begins, the A/C goes off while the windows are opened, the holidays simply rock and people in general seem to relax and be happier.

The leaves begin to change color and make for some amazing photographs. With the shift in seasons the skies respond in turn by casting wonderful textures of light on everything. This allows me to photograph my favorite way in beautiful natural light.

So as I gather my gear together and prepare to head out and capture all the wonders of this season I wish you all the best and hope each of you take some time to reflect on the year and enjoy the holidays.


A quick trip to Houston…

Last week I finally had a chance to make it down to Houston to visit an old friend from high school and photograph her and her wonderful son.

As for Houston, it was typical Houston, insane highways and drivers, horribly hot, humidity that penetrates pores you never knew you had and mosquitoes that can take down a small elephant in under a minute. I’m kidding, well kind of.  Ha-Ha!

The scenery around Houston was wonderful with amazing sunrises and sunsets, cool buildings and loads of cultural diversity throughout the surrounding suburbs. I wish I had had more time there but in the end I did come home with some nice shots and I plan on making a return trip soon.

As for my friend Patricia and her 6 year old son Nicholas, they were wonderful. We started out at her parents beautiful home where Kole got to shoot some hoops and his dog Weenie got to run around being cute. Tricia and Kole are two “peas-in-a-pod” and just love to goof around with each other making for some adorable pictures.

Next we headed to a park close to the house where he had been playing since he was a toddler. It was mid day around 1 pm, partially cloudy and flat out hot. There were some nice trees for shade but once you stepped in the shadows the mosquitoes attacked! It was crazy and we shot fast and furiously. I was a bit concerned about the shots due to the severe lighting conditions but they turned out great.

Being hot and tired I suggested we find an ice-cream shop. Kole agreed and off we went.  The ice-cream shop was a wonderful choice and turned out being a great place to shoot. While Tricia and Kole ate their ice ream I continued to shoot away. Once Kole cooled off he turned on his true charm. He has a ton of faces he likes to make and they are insanely cute and funny. I used the natural lighting coming from the main windows to capture them. It was just one of those times where everything comes together and it becomes almost magical.

Running out of time we headed back to Tricia’s parents house and did a few more shots. Kole continued to be a goof and I finally got some of the personal mom and son shots I was after, as well as ones with Kole and his best friend, his dog Weenie. These pictures along with the others captured throughout the day made the whole trip worth while.

Special thanks to Kole, Weenie, Tricia, Tricia’s Parents and Kole’s Dad.


Happy 4th everyone…

Wow the first half of the year flew by… I think you can gauge how old you are by how fast time flies bye. Anyway, I have not made a post since the beginning of the year and figured it was about time I did.

Most of the work I have done this year was on the commercial/corporate side of things, new websites, some video depositions and photography of course. It seems like there are two seasons for me, first half of the year is more corporate projects while the second half is more personal non-commercial work. I like the change myself it keeps me on my toes.

So it is now time to put on that holiday hat and get people setup for their holiday pictures, cards and other wonderful fun things. Because before you know it summer will be over the kids will be back in school and Saint Nick will be knocking on our door.

Hope everyone has a Safe and Happy 4th; I will be out getting some new fireworks shots myself!


New Year Changes…

To start off the New Year I added new options for print packages to the in store products. Now you can choose a preset print package which will not only save you money but also time. Unlike other companies that limit the amount of poses when buying print packages you can mix or match as many of your photographs as you want.

In addition to the print packages all 5×7 and larger prints will now receive my Professional Photograph Retouching Service for FREE! This means I will spend extra time on your large size prints cleaning up any minor artifacts, blemishes and making general corrections so each print will look its very best.

You might also notice I made a few cosmetic adjustments to the store and website. Nothing major just a few tweaks to help improve the user friendliness of things and simplify things down the road.

Please feel free to post up any comments or suggestions.


The Turning of a Decade…

As we close this decade and year many thoughts come to mind. It has been quite a journey for all of us in many different ways. Our sense of security has been tested in more ways than one.

For me the 2000’s were a decade of turmoil, change and growth. I started off feeling I had things under control but ended up fighting the same battles I had always fought and getting the same results. It was not until the past few years that I finally started taking seriously many of the lessons life was trying to teach me. Some of which required strength and courage to over-come while others simply required me to open my eyes and stop doing them.

With a renewed focus and determination towards my future I am excited about the journey that lies ahead. I made a promise to myself to accomplish more meaningful things than I ever have by not allowing anyone or anything to detour me.

I wish each and every one of you the very best over the holidays. May not only the next year, but the next decade be a blast with more of your dreams realized then ever before.


At the end of November I had the pleasure of shooting Danni and Michael’s beautiful wedding held at a historical chapel in Rowlett, TX called Sacred Heart.


It was a great day and I took a lot of shots that are now up in the store. I will try to put into words some of what I saw.


The heritage of a church set the stage for an amazing day while a comfortable breeze lifted the spirits of all allowing the warm glistening rays of light to illuminate the magical scene.


As the groom stood stoic awaiting his new adventure to begin his father offered him one final shake of his hand filled with pride only a father can know while his mother’s eyes filled with tears of joy.


Mean while, his soon to be bride, shimmering with beauty, made her way across the courtyard and up the stairs to the wooden doors that had long been the gate way to a new life for generations. Prior to crossing the threshold of the doorway, she took one last breathe reflecting on the journey that had been and was yet too come.


Within a moment she raised her head and acknowledged it was time. As she did a sense of serenity sparkled in her eyes, for the day she had long awaited was finally here and with it, a dream was realized…


Those are just a few of the moments I bared witness to through the lens of my camera.


My thanks to both Danni and Michael and may you both live happily ever after…



Wow… time flies once Halloween passes.

In the past couple of weeks I had the pleasure of shooting the McDanal and Aponte families for their holiday cards and fall family pictures. It was a two family shoot at a park in Richardson on a wonderful Sunday afternoon.

It was fun and action packed with two families, multiple kids and a dog what else would you expect? I was very pleased with the results and both families were great to work with. They both ended up with a lot of wonderful pictures making the holiday card selection difficult, which is a good thing from my point of view.

Currently I am in the process of developing all of my gift card, photo book and other product options in the store so keep your eyes open for them. In the mean time if you need any of those items let me know and I will get you a quote.

For those of you who use Facebook you can now become a fan of Royce Bishop Photograph. Just visit the link at the bottom of the website page.


This past week I had the pleasure of shooting the McDaniel family at a beautiful park in Grand Prairie.

With all of the rain the past month it has made things quite wet and kind of messy which does not bode well for family portraits. I ended up making a number of trips to various parks over the past week or so trying to find a good location. I finally located one and made the appointment which was appropriately backed up to the following day due to more rain.

It was kind of nice because the day we chose turned out beautiful. We traveled throughout the park shooting at various spots that were not too hammered by rain or flooding. I have to give it to the McDaniel’s; they came with great spirits and were up for anything I asked of them. The shoot took a little longer than expected and I pushed it will past the sun going down which turned out some amazing shots. Then the mosquitoes took over and we ran as fast as we could to the safety of our cars.

I need to pass along a special thank you to Chris Sanford for assisting and hanging in there even with the mosquitoes, which took a special liking to him and, tried to eat him alive. You ARMY guys are tuff no matter what they say.
Also this week I had a few corporate headshots which turned out quite nice. Thanks to those involved for being so photogenic.

I will get some samples of everything posted up shortly.

Until next time,


First Orders Delivered…

I would like to thank all of the wonderful people at my wife’s law firm for being super patient with me as I got  the website up and running and also for being being excellent models.

They were the first to place orders and by all accounts it worked perfectly.  They got some special edition edits of their photographs as a thank you for all their help and feed back.

I am still in the process of playing catch-up on some of the dog park photographs but the majority of them are up. Contact me for a password if you are interested in seeing them.

I need to send out a special Thank You to the Sanford Family for allowing me to do their family portraits with my studio setup. It was a lot of fun and the pictures turned out excellent.

I will be back soon with more news and updates.



Welcome to R-idiom!

Well it has taken months to get to this point but I finally made it. My website, store, and blog are open. I will be updating a few more things but the majority of it is up and running.

I will be back soon with more info and updates in the mean time explore the new stuff I hope you like it.